• FSC® certified paper

    GKB is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and offers the possibility to make all cups from FSC® certified paper. FSC®-certified forests are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Because FSC® is auditing the complete supply chain from forest until end products, this ensures the end user that the paper comes from sustainable resources.

  • Recyclable

    Although our cups are made up to 97% of paper, it also contains a coating to make sure the cups are leak free. The most common used coating is PE (Polyethylene). After usage of the cups it is possible to recycle the cups by separating the paper fibers from the PE. The paper fibers then can be reused as new raw material for hygienic paper and/or tissues.

  • Compostable

    Besides the PE coating, GKB also
    produces paper cups with a 100% biodegradable PLA (Polyactic acid) coating. This PLA coating is completely made of renewable resources such as
    corn starch and sugar cane. In combination with paper this means the whole cup is renewable. It is possible to industrial compost the cups to win green gas and fertile compost.

  • Flustix

    We produce cups with a water-based coating that have the Flustix plastic free certificate. This certificate is given to products that meet the strict requirements of Din Certco Flustix. Click here if you want to know more about Flustix.

  • Co2 neutral by Climate Neutral Group

    Every product has to cope with certain Co2 emissions. GKB believes that it is important to know these emissions. GKB has asked the independent Climate Neutral Group to calculate this Co2 footprint by making a LCA (Life Cycle Analysis). This LCA is based on the entire process from production to end user. By doing so we know the exact Co2 equivalent per size per 1.000 pieces. GKB also offers their clients an option to make their cups Co2 neutral.

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Describing sustainability is not as simple as it seems. To determine if products are sustainable, you can look at several things. Looking at sustainability some companies fully focus on Co2 emission and others on recyclability or renewable raw material. GKB believes that all these things are environmentally friendly and that’s why we let our customers choose which (combined) options they prefer. Therefore, we would like to inform the possibilities GKB can offer. 

  • In short, paper cups are made out of two main components: a paper fiber and a coating. GKB produces cups with a PLA or PE coating, but also leads the way when it comes to PE-free production. We produce cups with a water-based coating that have the Flustix plastic free certificate. The Flustix certificate is given to products that meet the strict requirements of Din Certco Flustix. With the SUPD (Single use Plastic directive) in place GKB is focusing more on solutions beneficial to this scope such as durability, plastic free, re use and recycling. This all within the high-quality standard GKB stands for. The advantage of our clients would clearly be: Having a great supply of high quality (durable) cups and a good partner in future (global) chances.